Buy shares

Anyone age 16 and over can become a member/shareholder of Whistlewood.

The share offer does not have a closing date so please ignore any reference to a closing date on the literature.

To become a member:

  • read the share prospectus (ignore the closing date – we are now an open share offer)
  • fill in a share application form
  • post it to the address on the application form
  • pay either online (admin fee applies) or pay by bacs or cheque.
  • Minimum purchase is £50, max £10,000. This is a one-off payment for withdrawable shares. There is no additional annual membership fee.
All the documents you need for investing (including application forms) are at the bottom of this page.
Please note that you will not be accepted as a member until we have received your application form.

To buy shares as a gift please fill in a gift share application form.

Membership benefits: 

  • Have a say in the running of the organisation
  • Advance notification of workshops and events
  • Priority and discount booking for Midsummer Festival (Melbourne’s answer to Glasto!)
  • Invitation to member-only events
  • Email newsletter
  • Invitation and vote at AGM and ability to stand as director
  • Part-ownership of a woodland!
  • That happy feeling that you are part of a project changing things for the better
  • Opportunity to share our fruit harvests

Important documents:

Whistlewood share offer document

Whistlewood business plan

Whistlewood marketing plan

Whistlewood Common Limited Rules

Application forms:

If you are buying shares for yourself:  Share application form

If you are buying shares as a gift: Gift share application form

If you are buying shares on behalf of a company or organisation:  organisation share application form

Please email us if you have any questions.

Whistlewood Common Limited. Registered company number: 32111R