Frequently asked questions – roundhouse, yurt, site hire, parties and camping


Q. What facilities are there?

The structures consist of a Roundhouse, Yurt and Shelter.

Associated facilities are a grass amphitheatre, kitchen, campfire, barbecue.

There are two beautiful compost toilets, one is a disabled loo with baby changing facilities.  There is even a urinal for the men!

Q. Is there water and electricity?

A. No, Whistlewood is off-grid. There is lighting in the roundhouse but no mains electricity. You will have to bring your own water.

Q. What can the site be hired for?

A. In the daytime: for a gathering, barbecue, corporate or group meeting. It’s also a great venue for parties for children or adults.

It can also be hired for music performances, plays and other performance-oriented events.

You can hold your wedding at Whistlewood too.

Overnight: camping in the yurt or with your own tent.

Q. Do I have to hire the whole site?

A. You can hire the whole site if you like, either with exclusive or non-exclusive use. But most people hire just the roundhouse, or the yurt or ‘nearly wild’  camp.


Q. What is the roundhouse?

A. The Roundhouse is our main structure, inside it seats 40 people theatre style or can be set up for a workshop or meeting with tables and chairs. It has a wood-burning stove for heating and solar-powered lighting. Outside the roundhouse is surrounded by a 3 metre verandah widening out to a 5 metre stage.

Facing the roundhouse is a natural grass amphitheatre.

Q. What facilities are included with the roundhouse?

A. You can hire just the roundhouse or the roundhouse and kitchen, campfire, barbecue and a covered shelter. And of course toilets.


Q. How many people does the yurt sleep?

A. The yurt sleeps a family of up to six comfortably. You can fit more in but it depends on how cosy you want to be!

Q. Is the yurt suitable for a group of children?

A. Yes, it’s ideal. For a childrens’ party it will sleep two adults and around eight young children.

Q. Can I bring additional tents if I hire the yurt?

A. Yes, extra tents incur an additional charge per tent.

Q. Is the price per person or for the yurt?

A. The price is to hire the yurt and associated facilities. It’s very good value!

Q. How many people can I bring?

Standard prices are for up to 10 people. Contact us if you have a bigger group.

Q. Is the yurt furnished?

You will need to bring your own bedding, pillows, bed linen, towels etc.

Q. How warm is it?

A. The yurt has a wood burner to make it really cosy. Of course if you are bringing children it’s up to you whether you light the wood burner.

Q. What facilities are included?

A. You will have use of a kitchen, campfire, barbecue and a covered shelter.

Q. What about a toilet/showers?

A. There is a beautiful compost toilet. There are no showers.


Q. Can I come and have a barbecue or other party one evening?

A. Yes, it’s a great place for a gathering. Standard prices are for up to 10 people, but if you want a larger gathering then please contact us for a price.


Q. What does the kitchen contain?

A. The kitchen has fitted cupboards with lots of space for food preparation. Use of all the crockery, cutlery and pots and pans that you will need are included in the hire price. We encourage you to use all the equipment provided as we stongly discourage use of disposables to help you safeguard the environment.


Q. How big is the shelter?

A. The shelter is large and seats around 25 adults or 30 children. It has tables and chairs. The shelter is a timber structure with open sides.  Chairs and tables are available and you can arrange the shelter to your requirements.

Q. Is wood provided?

A. Yes, we provide one basket of logs for the campfire and woodburner, included in the hire price (additional logs are available at extra cost).

Q. Is charcoal provided for the barbecue?

A. No, please bring your own or let us know in advance and we can provide some lovely local charcoal for you (charges apply).

Q. I am under 18 can I hire the yurt or the facilities or come and camp?

A. Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Q. I don’t need the yurt, but would love to use the kitchen, shelter and barbecue. I would bring my own tent is that ok?

A. Yes, no problem.

Q. Can I bring my own tent without hiring the yurt or the rest of the facilities?

A. Yes, you can wild camp at Whistlewood. If you chose the nearly-wild camping option then you have use of the campfire (and loo) only. Don’t forget you will have to bring your own water.


Check-in for overnight stays is 4.30pm and checkout is 10.30am.  A later checkout may be available, please ask on the day of check-in.


Q. Can I have a larger group and/or exclusive use?

A. Whistlewood is ideal for a large gathering, birthday, wedding or anniversary party. Please contact us to discuss your event and pricing options.

Q. For normal site hire will my group have the site to themselves?

A. With regular site hires you may be sharing the site and the hub area (including kitchen, shelter, campfire and barbecue) with other users and campers.

If you require exclusive use please contact us to enquire about rates.

We are confident that the site is big enough for everyone so sharing is not a problem!

For childrens’ parties (three hour parties) you will not be sharing the facilities with other people, but there may be other people elsewhere on the site at the time of the party.


Q. Can I hire the yurt for a daytime childrens’ party?

A. Yes, it’s ideal for outdoor games parties or crafty parties.

Q. What facilities will I have?

A. You will have use of the roundhouse, kitchen, kitchen equipment, shelter, campfire and barbecue.

Q. Can I use the rest of the site?

A. Of course – the site has large open areas for games, a living willow dragon, mud kitchen, long grass to run through and a trim trail.

Q. What times are available for parties?

Childrens parties can be booked on:

  • Saturdays 10.30am – 1.30pm (for a party from 11am – 1pm) or 1.30pm – 4.30pm (for a party from 2pm – 4pm)
  • Sundays 10.30am – 1.30pm (for a party from 11am – 1pm) or 1.30pm – 4.30pm (for a party from 2pm – 4pm)
  • After school from 4pm – 7pm (for a party from 4.30pm – 6.30pm)
  • School holidays during the week. 10.30am – 1.30pm (for a party from 11am – 1pm) or 1.30pm – 4.30pm (for a party from 2pm – 4pm)

Q. Can you provide activities for parties?

A. We can loan den-building equipment. We are also making links with forest school leaders that we can put you in touch with who may be able to provide a range of outdoor party options.

Q. Can I have an overnight childrens’ party?

A. Yes, the same charges and terms and conditions apply for overnight stays (see above).  The maximum number of people staying is 10.  If you would like a larger party please contact us to discuss prices.


Q. How do I book?

A. Please email us on to find out if your preferred date is available.

Q. How and when do I pay?

A. When we have confirmed your date we will send you a link to pay online via our website. Your booking is not confirmed until payment is received.


Q. Are there any safety aspects that I need to be aware of?

A. The site has small ponds (away from the main hub area). The site is fenced with two gates. The site is open to the public (outside of the main hub area), but there are no dogs allowed.


Q. Can I bring my dog?

A. Sorry generally dogs are not allowed at Whistlewood as we grow food and children play on the site and Melbourne has lots of dog walking areas.  Most volunteering sessions and some Whistlewood organised events will allow dogs, rules to be followed: on short leads, clean up and take home poo, be respectful of other site users as not everyone likes dogs, some areas may still be no dogs to protect wildlife. Of course we always welcome assistance dogs.


Q. Can I get to Whistlewood by public transport?

A. Yes please see details on the website.

Q. Can I park on site?

A. Yes, there is parking, some of which is on grass. Please only park in the designated parking areas.  There are specific disabled parking spaces.


Q. How accessible is Whistlewood for people with disabilities?

A.  You can drive very close to the facilities for access. We have a disabled compost toilet. We welcome assistance dogs. If you or a members or your party have particular needs please contact us in advance and we will do our utmost to accommodate you.  We are committed to access for all.


Q. What do I need to consider?

A. Whistlewood is a beautiful natural space so we require all users to look after it, by caring about wildlife, not dropping litter, taking away your own rubbish, and not using disposable items.

Whistlewood has over 380 owners, all of whom are committed to keeping it beautiful and natural – please join them in making a commitment to Whistlewood’s ethics.   Better still become a member by buying shares.


Q. Can I bring amplified music?

A. For normal hires there is no amplified music allowed out of courtesy to our neighbours. If you wish to have amplified music please discuss with us about prices for larger groups and exclusive use. For all users there is a noise curfew of 11pm.


Q. Can I hold my wedding party at Whistlewood?

A. Yes, it’s a fantastic space for a wedding. Please get in touch.