Hire the Site

  • Straw bale and timber eco roundhouse

Daytime:  Are you looking for a unique off-grid venue for an event, party, family gathering, child’s party or simply want to cook your dinner on a campfire or barbecue and watch the sunset?  Or is your group or company looking for a unique meeting venue?

Overnight: Stay in the yurt or bring your own tent and gather some friends for an away-weekend.


Choose one or a combination of:

  • roundhouse

  • yurt

  • kitchen

  • covered shelter

  • campfire

  • children’s play facilities

  • Or bring your own tent and camp with friends or family

Frequently asked questions


To make an enquiry, book the site or find available dates please  email us

Caring for the environment

We make it easy for you to have an eco-friendly event by:

  • providing an equipped kitchen with pots and pans and cutlery so you don’t have to bring disposable items (it may seem more difficult to wash up but it’s not nearly as tricky as digging up oil, making it into plates, shipping it round the world and disposing of the landfill afterwards!)
  • providing composting toilets to process waste, whilst saving water and growing willow and comfrey
  • helping your visitors find us by bus or walking (we are on a bus route or a 20-30 minute walk from the centre of Melbourne)
  • providing composting facilities for both cooked and uncooked food
  • encouraging you to pick and use Whistlewood’s fruit and other produce in your meals (zero food miles!)

In return we would ask you to share our ethics and use the site in a sympathetic way, for example:

  • disposing of waste and recycling off-site,
  • picking up litter,
  • minimising use of disposable items
  • avoiding items damaging to wildlife such as balloons, paper lanterns etc
  • protecting our trees from damage

Being green doesn’t have to be a chore!!