Supporting Wildlife

We’re doing all we can to make sure our ten-acre site can be enjoyed by a wide variety of furry, feathered and scaley friends, as well as human ones.   We believe it’s possible to create a productive space that respects and nurtures wildlife and hope this will be a model for other sites to follow.  That’s why we use permaculture which is a design methodology that comprises a set of ethics (earth care, people care and fair shares) and a set of principles to guide us. We want to show that it is possible to live on this earth without compromising the experience of future generations of humans, and future generations of wildlife species too.

Our baseline surveys have shown that we have a wide diversity of species already sharing the site with us – everything from herons, sky larks, willow warblers and red kites, to tiny harvest mice (a rarity in Derbyshire).  And because when we bought our site it was a ten acre arable field, the diverse habitats we are adding will only increase the diversity, which we are thrilled about.

Some of our events are Wildlife oriented such as our Early Chorus Walk and Breakfast and are held annually.

We are very pleased to be supported by local wildlife-friendly organisations such as the National Forest Company, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, DANES and Derbyshire Mammal Group as well as local ecologists who have offered advice on pond and habitat creation.

We would love you to get involved to help make Whistlewood the best place around for learning about and observing native wildlife.